Unimars Group Attends Hamburg Maritime Forum, Explores Latest Industry Advancements and Connects with Experts! (11.05.2023)

Recently, Unimars Group attended the Hamburg Maritime Forum. As a company specializing in the maritime industry, we are eager to learn more about the most recent advancements in the maritime industry and to connect with other experts in the field.

The two-day international maritime event drew together a variety of executives and value chain experts. We held invigorating presentations and diverse discussions in which specialists shared their expertise and practice.

Unimars departed the event feeling energised and motivated by the passion and commitment of our maritime industry colleagues. We are appreciative for the opportunity and are already looking forward to the forum next year.

We would like to thank the coordinators of the Hamburg Maritime Forum for hosting the event, as well as all the attendees who made this experience unforgettable!