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Riga Shipping Dinner 2023! (12.09.2023)

 We are excited to share that Unimars Group team had the honor of attending the Riga Shipping Dinner, one of the most significant events in the shipping industry in the Baltics.
Since 2016, this annual gathering has been the pinnacle of networking and knowledge exchange for shipowners, charterers, and top-level executives in the Baltic, North, and Black Sea regions.
Here's a glimpse of Unimars unforgettable experience at the Riga Shipping Dinner:
Networking Galore: We connected with industry leaders, fostering valuable business relationships and discussing the latest trends in the shipping sector.
Knowledge Exchange: The event provided a platform to share insights, discuss challenges, and gain a deeper understanding of the maritime industry's current landscape.

Professional Contacts: We met with peers and partners, reinforcing existing collaborations and exploring exciting new opportunities.

At Unimars Group, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the maritime industry, and events like the Riga Shipping Dinner play a pivotal role in achieving that goal.
Unimars extends appreciation to the event organizers and fellow attendees for their contributions to this industry gathering. We look forward to continued collaboration and growth within the shipping sector.