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Introducing Unimars Las Palmas Branch! (18.08.2023)

 As part of the Unimars Group, Unimars Las Palmas is redefining Fast, Quality, and Friendly services.
With 8 years of growth and innovation, they have set a new standard in the Canary Islands and beyond.
Unimas Las Palmas journey showcases relentless innovation. From Provision supply to Marine Safety, self-sufficient departments ensure excellence at every step. ABS-approved Marine Safety unit boasts 15+ years experienced engineers.
Undeterred by global challenges, resilient team came together, implemented a robust emergency plan, and persevered. This success led to the inception of UNIMARS ATLANTIC SUPPLY – a dynamic entity dedicated to broadening product offerings and customer-centric solutions:

Certified in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018
Personnel increased (UNIMARS ATLANTIC: 4 to 13, UNIMARS LAS PALMAS: 15 to 28)
Stocking area grew (1200m2 to 4400m2)
Vehicle garage now houses 9 vehicles, with 3 contracted transport companies.

UNIMARS LAS PALMAS and UNIMARS ATLANTIC SUPPLY are on a journey to excellence. 
New Focus: Customs and Logistics
Unveiling Customs and Logistics at Unimars Group – bridging Europe to Africa via Canary Islands. Operating in Morocco, Congo, Guinea, Nigeria & beyond, handling diverse cargo. With Shanghai collaboration, successful China imports thrive.
Unimars Las Palmas streamlines customs clearance – import, export, transit – catering to needs with precision.