Provision and bonded stores

Unimars Duty-Free Supply is a part of the Unimars Group Supply Department, which provides provisions and bonded stores for ships calling at ports in the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Europe, and has more than 25 years of experience in selection, storage and delivery of provisions to ships. 
Owing to our many years of experience and individual approach, we always provide solutions based on the individual preferences of the crew, in accordance with the budget set by the shipowner, management or catering company.
We care about the well-being and comfort of the crew at sea, so our carefully designed assortment fully satisfies the tastes of any crew regardless of the nationality and allows your team members to enjoy their favourite and familiar products, receiving additional motivation for more productive and efficient performance of their work. 
The assortment of our bonded stores is formed in accordance with different tastes and individual preferences so that all crew members have the opportunity to choose their favourite wine, rum, chocolate or perfume.
We deliver food using our own fleet of refrigerators. This allows us to ensure the transportation of products under conditions that meet the necessary requirements for each specific group of goods: fresh, dry or frozen.