Charts & publications

The Unimars Navigation Company, supplying navigation charts and publications to vessels, was established in 1999 based on the Department of Cartography from the Latvian Shipping Company.

Company Unimars Navigation has successfully implemented project “Jauni Jūras Karšu Produkti” (New Navigation Charts Products). Project implementation from March 2011 till December 2011, with financial support of European Regional Development Fund, the agreement LJ-384N.

Unimars Navigation is:

  • Official Subdistributors of company Bogerd-Martin NV
  • An official agent for Center Of Map Technology (Russia)
  • The IMO distributor
  • ITU distributor

We provide a full range of services including:

  • Charts outfit management
  • Correction of charts
  • Delivery of required charts and publications, incl. the conventional ones

We offer publications issued by the British Admiralty.

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